Statement of Company aims, Principles and Practice

UM Education is a growing education consultancy and guardianship company which works solely with Chinese students and prides itself on providing a bespoke end-to-end service focused on students aged 7-18, at a reasonable price for parents.

UM is different from many other agencies in that it runs its own guardianship company, meaning that, contrary to other agencies, its focus is equally balanced between school placement services and the ongoing wellbeing of its students. We feel that this better aligns UM’s long-term interests with those of the students.

When we started the guardianship business it was the first year of Covid-19 pandemic, and some of the Chinese students couldn’t get tickets fly back to China. Their parents contacted UM to support their children over the lockdown periods. Our client list has grown steadily through world of mouth. We currently have 12 students enrolled for our guardianship business. The services we provide are:

  • Arrangement of safe transfer of student to and from airports with a designated UK Guardians driver
  • Close contact to help students to adapt to their new life and school environment
  • Close monitoring of academic progress, with regular feedback to parents
  • To Liaise with school, students, parents and host families with regards to holidays, half terms, sports events, school trips and other travel arrangements
  • To keep in regular contact with the student during term time and assist with any concerns
  • Offer holiday tuition services
  • One onsite visit per term from UM followed by a full academic and welfare report
  • To offer advice and guidance when choosing subjects and progressing to university
  • To organise safe and trustworthy host families for half terms, and holiday breaks
  • To arrange transport to and from host family during holidays
  • To arrange hotel or flight reservations and book tickets when required for both students and parents
  • To offer passport/visa and CAS advice and assistance
  • To be available to both students and parents 24 hours a day in case of emergency